Download material for use in your classroom

Welcome to our web support site. This is a support site for teachers where one can find a wealth of resources for use in the classroom. These resources include skill-based worksheets, assignments, activities, lesson plans and much more.

These resources are available at no extra cost to teachers of our user schools. There is a teacher login process including a validation process that generally takes two to three working days.

Do remember to come back and see what’s new!

Teacher Support Books

The Textbooks are supplemented by Teacher’s Manuals & Teacher’s Resource Kits. These are available as printed books as well as printable PDFs. The Teacher’s Resource Kit has a multimedia CD containing a flip book with interactivities.

Worksheets with Answers

Extra practice material which the teacher can use to assess the students’ comprehension. Answers serve as a ready reference for the teacher.

Test Papers

Sample Test Papers can be used as a tool for continuous and comprehensive evaluation of the learning of the students.

Additional Resources

The objective of these resources is to help support teachers and facilitate them to carry out the teaching-learning process effectively. This set of additional resources include lesson plans, answer keys, assignments, and other such useful material.